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It all started when Luciana (the passionate cook) and Stefanie (the active triathlete). They really love sports and have a healthy lifestyle, so they want to make something in order to make people healthier starts from eating the right foods!

They both are very eager to become young enterpreneur! Even with no certainty at that time, they both decide to quit their jobs and focus solely on this upcoming business.

And then the brainstorming begins. They want to create a snack that is unique, healthy, fun and tasty. Flavors like never before! Granola came to mind with flavors of French Vanilla Almond, Sea Salt Caramel, Rum Raisin + Cinnamon, White Chocolate + Cranberry and Chocolate + Peanut Butter.

So they tried to sell the very first batch of Grandé Granola in Ubud Food Festival. All the granolas were sold out! They even have to drive back to Denpasar, bake from midnight to early morning for the next day. Twice! All the granolas were sold out in 3 consecutive days with no sleep! Although it was a very tiring experience, they both knew this was the milestone to their business.

Now, Grandé has spread across Bali and some places in Indonesia. They supply to hotels, cafes and supermarket. We are also welcome to resellers or those who is interested to put Grandé Granola in their store or hotels/cafes who want us to be their supplier!

We hope you enjoy eating Grandé Granola as much as we love making it!