OWELLNESS is committed to always use therapeutic - grade essential oil that is the best grade of essential oil 

Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing

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Owellness Immune Anti Virus Boost Spray

Rp274.900 Rp239.163

Owellness Anti Bacterial Sanitizer Spray

Rp274.900 Rp239.163

Owellness Headache Relief Calming Balm

Rp194.400 Rp169.128

Owellness Odor Neutralizer Spray

Rp274.900 Rp239.163

Owellness Calming & Relaxing Serenity Body ..

Rp332.400 Rp289.188

Owellness BOGO Lullaby Spray + FREE Body Balm

Rp478.600 Rp239.300

Paket Owellness Oil Bundling 3 (PMS+Calming)

Rp779.000 Rp389.500

Paket Owellness Oil Bundling 2 (Soothe+Lullaby)

Rp578.800 Rp289.400

Paket Owellness Oil Bundling 1 (Calming+Pure Bli..

Rp777.000 Rp388.500

Owellness Lullaby Pillow Spray


Owellness Muscle Tension Release Soothe & R..

Rp332.400 Rp289.188

Owellness Easing PMS Body Oil

Rp447.400 Rp389.238

Owellness Pure Bliss Body Oil


Owellness Serenity Balm


Owellness Sleep Rescue Lullaby Body Oil

Rp332.400 Rp289.188