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20Fit Pro – S-005A Dual Adjustable Pulley ..

Rp119.900.000 Rp47.960.000

20Fit Pro – MWH-009 Leg Press (B)

Rp62.812.500 Rp25.130.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-015 Leg Press (B)

Rp94.212.500 Rp37.690.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-014 Leg Extension (B)

Rp92.275.000 Rp36.910.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-012 Lat Pull Down (B)


20Fit Pro – BTM-008 Assist Dip Chin (B)

Rp94.100.000 Rp37.640.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-007 Triceps Curl (B)

Rp91.925.000 Rp36.770.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-004 Row (B)

Rp91.125.000 Rp36.450.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-003 Shoulder Press (B)

Rp91.925.000 Rp36.770.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-002A Pec Fly and Rear Delt..

Rp93.187.500 Rp37.280.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-001 Chest Press (B)

Rp91.125.000 Rp36.450.000

20Fit Pro – BTM-011 Torso Rotation (B)

Rp91.700.000 Rp36.680.000

20Fit Pro – BS-8849 5 Station (B)


ROCKIT Urethane Barbell Curl 30kg

Rp6.900.000 Rp4.140.000

ROCKIT Urethane Barbell Curl 25kg

Rp5.700.000 Rp3.420.000

Precor Shoulder Press DPL0550